A Concise Guide For Managers and Supervisors to Improve Managerial Skills and Supervisory Skills

Learn What You Really Should Be Doing, Why And How

Despite little experience managing people or departments, many managers and supervisors are promoted into these positions because of their excellent technical or professional skills. Without proper training on what to do, how to do it, and why, many fail. This is a giant problem across all businesses, and this book was written to help solve it.

Managing for Success is for managers and supervisors who want to understand what their job really is, what their most important duties are, and what they should focus on to become a good manager with a successful department. It includes the best ideas the author found and applied throughout his 40-year career with 15 different companies.

The practical advice given is concise, but covers most of the manager/supervisor’s primary responsibilities including hiring, staff motivation, enriching jobs, setting goal, delegation, coaching, decision making, conducting performance reviews, holding staff meetings, building trust, and much more. Chapters also cover handling workplace issues, managing a department, managing individuals, and managing your boss.

By understanding the concepts, and applying the managerial skills and supervisory skills discussed in this guide, you too can become a successful and appreciated manager.

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What Reviewers Are Saying…

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“Any manager (technical or not) who has an open mind and is willing to think about and apply new ideas can benefit immensely from this book”

“Anyone with employees underneath them can put these guidelines into practice to achieve greater results and job satisfaction”

“A great gift for any manager looking to maximize their own potential and bring out the best in their employees”

“Managing for Success would be a great gift book for anyone in any sort of management role. Whatever stage of management a reader might be currently involved with, the author’s four+ decades of experience is invaluable”

“The “takeaway” section at the end of each chapter is a clever ways to summarize the content. This book is a must for any business and/or managerial curriculum”